Be Brave. 
Be Strong.
Let all you do be done with Love. 

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Charlotte's very first, local, organic, grass-fed Bone Broth is now available for shipping!

You can order here- (just copy and paste this link to

What is Brave Broth and why does it taste so good?

Brave Broth is made with Organic grass-fed beef bones, free range turkey, free range chicken, organic onions, celery, carrots, whole canned tomatoes, sea salt*, peppercorns all simmered for 24 hrs in my certified commercial kitchen. The rich savory flavor of beef, chicken and turkey make the most delicious sipping broth you’ve ever had!

*Brave Broth is low in sodium = 1/8 teaspoon per pint

 The rich flavor comes from using a 'remy' +  french technique of reboiling leftovers = creates a weak stock = the cooking liquid I use for each new batch + increases depth of flavor + increased nutrient extraction + zinc + potassium + calcium + iron + Omega 3's

Protein + Collagen

Each pint of Brave Broth has roughly 16 grams of protein + 80 calories + Collagen

Collagen contains amino acids like glycine, glucosamine, and proline which heal your gut + improve sleep + mood + immune system + brain health + tissue repair + smoother skin + hair + nails

What's a sipping habit and why should I start one?

A sipping habit happens when you start replacing your afternoon cup of coffee with Brave Broth Hot cups now offered at Reid's Fine Foods + or take home a pint from one of our retailers* + then add to home cooking in place of liquid + You'll begin to notice the results immediately + better mood + better sleep + better digestion + better skin

*Retailers = Reid's Fine Foods, Green Brother’s Juice Company

Each pint lasts 1 week refrigerated and 6 mo. frozen



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Interested in Brave Broth Delivery? Sign up here!

Clients receive 6 pints of bone broth every other week, on Mondays for a total of 12 pints per month. The cost is $150 ($12/ pint plus a $6 delivery fee) and paid in full upon initial delivery. We also have an option for a half order (6 pints per month) for $75. Try it out for a month and see what you think!

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About me

Hi There,

My name is Joanna. And I believe in hope.  I am a Charlotte mom of four and I am far from having it all together, but am hoping to make a difference.

Like you, I don’t always make perfect lifestyle or food choices

But, when I have a warm mug of Brave Broth in place of my lunch or dinner, or that second glass of wine at night

I’m giving my body another chance.

A chance for health and healing.

I want to give you that opportunity too.

Brave bone broth gives 20% percent of proceeds to fight human trafficking, hoping to heal the world we live in.

International Justice Mission (globally)

Present Age Ministries (locally)

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