Be Brave. 
Be Strong.
Let all you do be done with Love. 

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Charlotte's very first, local, organic, grass-fed Bone Broth is here... 

Brave broth sources the best local ingredients + organic grass-fed beef + free range poultry + organic vegetables

What is Brave Broth and why does it taste so good?

Brave Broth = Organic grass-fed beef bones + free range turkey + free range chicken + organic onions + celery + carrots + whole canned tomatoes + sea salt* + peppercorns + simmered 24 hrs + certified commercial kitchen = delicious sipping broth

*Brave Broth is low in sodium = 1/8 teaspoon per pint

 The rich flavor comes from using a 'remy' +  french technique of reboiling leftovers = creates a weak stock = the cooking liquid I use for each new batch + increases depth of flavor + increased nutrient extraction + zinc + potassium + calcium + iron + Omega 3's

Protein + Collagen

Each pint of Brave Broth has roughly 16 grams of protein + 80 calories + Collagen

Collagen contains amino acids like glycine, glucosamine, and proline which heal your gut + improve sleep + mood + immune system + brain health + tissue repair + smoother skin + hair + nails

What's a sipping habit and why should I start one?

A sipping habit happens when you start replacing your afternoon cup of coffee with Brave Broth Hot cups now offered at Reid's Fine Foods + or take home a pint from one of our retailers* + then add to home cooking in place of liquid + You'll begin to notice the results immediately + better mood + better sleep + better digestion + better skin

*Retailers = Reid's Fine Foods +Thrive Wellness + Integrative Health Carolinas + Delivery Service Available

Each pint lasts 1 week refrigerated and 6 mo. frozen



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Interested in Brave Broth Delivery? Sign up here!

Clients receive 6 pints of bone broth every other week, on Mondays for a total of 12 pints per month. The cost is $150 ($12/ pint plus a $6 delivery fee) and paid in full upon initial delivery. We also have an option for a half order (6 pints per month) for $75. Try it out for a month and see what you think!

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About me

Hi There,

My name is Joanna. And I believe in hope.  I am a Charlotte mom of four and I am far from having it all together, but am hoping to make a difference.

Like you, I don’t always make perfect lifestyle or food choices

But, when I have bone broth in place my lunch or dinner, or that second glass of wine at night

I’m giving my body another chance.

A chance for health and healing.

I want to give you that opportunity too.

Brave bone broth gives 20% percent of proceeds to fight human trafficking, hoping to heal the world we live in.

International Justice Mission (globally)

Present Age Ministries (locally)

Brave Bone Broth helps you heal your body.
Brave Bone Brave helps you heal the world.

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